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About Us 

The Cambridge Simulation centre is based at Cambridge University Hospital Trust, Addenbrooke's Hospital.

It is a state of the art facility providing highly effective simulation based training .

The Centre allows multi-disciplinary learning on manikins and part-task trainers that simulate a wide range of very realistic medical scenarios.

Our aim is to improve patient safety through teaching and training, with research methods being developed to provide us with tools to reduce clinical error.

Scenarios are written, programmed, and designed specifically to meet the needs of each group of attendees depending on their level of experience. This enables each participant to rehearse relevant procedures, both simple and complex, and have exposure to rare events.

The Simulation Centre is an essential and popular educational resource.

The state-of-the-art facilities provide a realistic clinical environment where you can practice necessary skills under expert supervision.


About the Centre 

Hospital Corridor
Medical Consultation
Hospital Employees

The Centre 

The Centre contains a wide range of teaching resources, including:

  • Adult, child and baby 'advanced life support mannequins

  • Full body adult, child and baby patient simulators

  • Contemporary critical care equipment

  • Range of clinical settings, e.g. ICU, ED and operating theatres

  • Facilitated learning by experienced healthcare clinicians.

The Cambridge Simulation Centre is located at Addenbrooke's hospital ,

NHS Cambridge University Hospitals Trust (CUH)

Our Team 

Our Centre is run by an experienced team of medically trained technicians who allow the Centre to deliver the highest quality training.

Our team is made up of consultants, doctors, nurses, AHPs, technicians and administrators. In addition to our permanent team, we also host education fellows, work experience students, medical student electives and we have plenty of other opportunities for anyone to get involved in our work.

We are proud to be part of the

NHS Cambridge University Hospitals Trust (CUH)

Work with Us 

We welcome anyone with a passion for simulation based education to join us as faculty.

If you are interested in joining the faculty for any of our courses or simulation activities, please get in touch and we will ensure you are made aware of any opportunities.

If you would like to run a specialised course at the Simulation centre please get in touch .

We also welcome research & development enquiries , no project is too big or too small.


What we do 

3D Scans

Education & Training 

A wide range of training methods are used to deliver state of the art courses.

The training is delivered in fully immersive environments using high fidelity patient simulator manikins, role-players, and part task trainers in life like environments.

Venue Hire 

The David Dunn Suite is a flexible space that can accommodate up to 45 people seated. Video conference facilities are available.

Please Note that the David Dunn is only available for booking up to 6 weeks in advance and no further in order to prioritise Simulation Course bookings.

To book the David Dunn Suite please contact the Simulation Administrator

on 01223 348100 or email

Faculty Training

We offer a range of faculty training courses to meet the learning requirements of anyone involved in simulation, from beginners to experts.

We offer a CASTLE course (Cambridge Simulation Training for Leaders in Education) , a full day course designed for clinical staff with an interest in teaching Simulation .

RCoS - Our courses are accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons


Our Courses

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
Hospital Corridor

Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Medical Tablet
At the Pediatrician


Nurses & AHP's


Our Valued Partnerships 

royal college of surgeons of england log

Contact Us

Jana Barnard

Simulation Administrator

Tel :- 01223 256562 | Ext: 256562

Nick Fletcher 

Simulation centre technical manager

Tel-:- 01223 257213 | Ext: 257213

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